Relaxed Hair

In Order to Fully Understand How OXX System can help you, Please watch ALL these videos!

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"Step 1 Shampoo"

"Step 2 Booster"

"Step 3 Conditioner"

"Step 4 Leave-In Conditioner"

"Step 5 Butter, Serum, Finisher"

"Securing relaxed hair at night using Products and Standards"

"Is Black People Hair Strong? More Q&A's on 'Common Hair Issues' Page"

"Getting ready to secure the hair at home or for bed. Covering holds moisture and reduce breakage"

"Protective Styles OXX Standards. MUST be loose to STOP alopecia and breakage"

"Product Usage and Maintenance Tips"

"You CANNOT Fix Split Ends!"

"Read OXX Labels Directions before using"

"No Volume in my hair"

"OXX Booster Explained"

"NO Silicone or Polymer for Black People hair!"

"OXX Products Step by Step Usage?"

"Black Women...Stop handling your hair so much!"

"Rope twists or tight braids or twists are NOT good for your hair!"

"NO Extensions in children and baby hair!"

"False Hair!"

"Neutralizing Shampoo is NECESSARY after Relaxer"

"Sweat or Perspiration on Relaxed Hair!"

"Colouring Relaxed Hair Issues!"

"Pin curl and wrapping. How to do easily"

"Wrapping Hair With my Hands. NO Comb!!!"

"OXX Lady says why NO BRUSHING for Black Women. Listen to HER and Notice the Difference "

"Proper Grooming to reduce Breakage"

"A Bad Shampoo Means More Tangles"

"Questions and Answers LIVE on Instagram during Rod Set. See if any pertains to you "

"Rod Set using OXX Products Only for Softer, Shinier, Healthier Hair. No more gels for hard hair "